It cannot be easy to drink enough water every day. You can make water more exciting by changing the flavor every day. This combination of ingredients will not only help you get your daily water intake, but it will also make you crave it. You can look forward to a new water flavor every day by adding a few pieces of produce to your shopping cart. These flavors are stunning to behold, and you’ll want to keep looking! We are fine with you making this water if it’s only for Instagram.

The main benefits of drinking infused water come from the simple fact that its water. Adequate hydration is key to being healthy. By infusing tasty flavors, many people tend to drink more water. Infusion can thus be a way to make water more appealing.

The Rainbow

This bright and colorful water will make your morning start. It will keep you hydrated throughout the day and help get rid of any nasty colds. Make sure you have a clean water bottle to show off your rainbow.

Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint

It’s almost like drinking a Mojito with next to no calories! This refreshing water is perfect for summer! These ingredients will give you energy all day.

Cilantro and Lemon and Cucumber

Cilantro is normally reserved for cooking. But this time, it’s added to water to give it a flavorful kick. This unusual combination is worth a try.

Passionfruit and Lemon

We love this water because it is so pretty. Frost some flowers to beautify your glass or pitcher. We are going to be Instagramming all afternoon, so excuse us.

Rose, Lemon, and Strawberry

Rosewater is great for your skin and all parts of your body. This beautiful recipe features stunning images of rose water. To make our fridge beautiful, we will be filling up a large pitcher with all this. You don’t realize that water is essential. It’s already a craving. There, it’s working.

Aloe Vera Water

Adding Aloe Vera into your body instead of onto it may seem a little…counterintuitive. That’s ok! It prevents the formation of plaque in your teeth and acts as an antioxidant. We are still learning so much today!

Detox Spa Water

Get rid of all toxins from your body that cause you to feel tired and bloated. You can sip this beverage all day to replenish your body with vital vitamins and minerals.

Pineapple and Coconut

Keep repeating to yourself, “I’m sipping a Pina Colada,” Close your eyes and pretend you’re on a Caribbean beach. We just sent you on an imaginary vacation. See? You can relax by drinking water!

Chia Fresca

Once you’re comfortable adding fruit and spices to your water, you can go wild and make this concoction. You can sweeten it with honey. You can resist the soda cravings and try this recipe.

The Water Buffet

You must keep your relationship alive after falling in love with infused waters. This recipe has many different flavors that will keep your water interesting and exciting. You can create your flavor and comment below with your water success stories.