Candy: This is a sweet cross-holiday tradition that’s so delicious. Valentine’s Day is known to be chock-full; Christmas is for candy canes. What is Easter not known for? Easter may be the sweetest holiday, with everything from jelly beans and Peeps to Cadbury eggs.

Which Easter candy is the best? GoPuff loves all our treats equally, but we understand that you may feel more strongly about one particular sweet. We created this ranking of Easter candy candies. However, we invite you to try them out for yourself. We can even take care of the Easter candy delivery.

Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny

Solid chocolate bunnies are at the bottom of our list. It’s a sugary representation of the Easter icon, the Easter Bunny, but we feel it lacks pizzazz. It’s just a chunk of chocolate.

Jordan Almonds

These are only appropriate for one occasion, and that is at weddings.

SweeTARTS Chicks and Ducks

SweeTARTS can be enjoyed by people who don’t like chocolate. However, this candy lacks oomph. The festive shapes of these candies are not as enjoyable as some of the other options on our list (Reese’s Eggs, Cough, Cough). If you’re looking for SweetTARTS, then stick to the original roll.

Robin Eggs

Who eats Whoppers in a restaurant other than a movie theatre? They wanted to participate in a holiday, so they chose Easter. It’s not what we want.

Russell Stover Marshmallow eggs

They are everywhere you look when you enter the grocery store. But do you ever buy them? You go to the main Easter candy display to get the best stuff. If you are like us, you can have your Easter candy delivered. Although the unique combination of the chocolate shell and the chewy marshmallow center makes it stand out, it can’t compare to the other options.

Hershey’s Kisses Pastel Wrapped

These are not bad enough to be last on our list, but they are not good enough to rank high in our Easter candy ranking. We see that Hershey’s Kisses is just changing their holiday outfits. It doesn’t make you Christmas-ready if you wear red or green only. So why not just wear pastel colors for Easter?

Brach’s Jelly Beans

Ah, the classic Easter treat. Nothing is more satisfying than opening a plastic egg at Easter and watching a few jelly beans fall to the ground. Because you know there are more eggs where they came, you keep moving.


Okay, maybe you are wondering why these don’t make it to the top of our list. Peeps are often subject to a lot of hate. We want to show them, love. These marshmallow-flavored treats are a must-have for Easter. They can also be used in many different Easter recipes. We love their versatility.

Mini versions of classic favorites like Snickers, Twix, Butterfingers, and M&Ms taste better when they are inside an Easter egg.

Cadbury Mini Eggs

In keeping with our love of minis, these mini Cadbury eggs aren’t quite as delicious as their larger siblings. But they are still great. They would be even better if they were made with classic creme, but the chocolate shell wrapped in creamy milk chocolate makes them a sweet delight.

Starburst Jellybeans

These chewy Easter candies taste better than traditional jelly beans. These Easter candies won’t be shared if you find them in your Easter basket.

Cadbury Creme eggs

These are the perfect time to get ready for Easter. These delicious treats are full of delicious creme. Nothing is more satisfying than digging into the chocolate shell to discover its creamy center.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

These bad boys have a higher ratio of PB to chocolate, so they’re better than your average, run-of-the-mill Reese’s. This is it.

Cadbury Caramel Eggs

Do you remember how we said that nothing is better than eating a creme egg? We lied; biting into a caramel-filled egg is better. It is better.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Giant Chocolate Bunny

This peanut butter-stuffed bunny is the stuff of dreams. Come on. You’ll love this one-pound version of your favorite candy. We love this Easter treat so much that we’ll even deliver it to you.