Quality of life is largely governed by the health of a person. A healthy person is a happy person and a lot of factors determine their health now and in future. Following healthy eating habits and working out regularly goes a long way in making one’s life happy and healthy. It is also an important factor that improves and increases the lifespan of a person. Small changes and efforts become habits that help in reaping long term benefits, but making these over time and completely changing a lifestyle is the most difficult thing in the world. Imagine having to leave your favourite food to control hypertension or diabetes and the ordeal that will follow. Such changes need to be made strategically without having to give up favourite foods and routines. This can only be done when one replaces the favourite stuff with something that is healthy as well as tasty. Here is a list of foods that are super tasty and super healthy.

  • Frozen Yoghurt

There is nothing tastier than ice creams and the variety of flavours they are available makes them all the more irresistible. It is no secret that they contain a tonne of calories and fats. It is just impossible to shun them completely. Imagine the existence of frozen yoghurts that can easily replace them and become a part of our regular diets. It definitely becomes easier to practice healthy eating after that. Frozen yoghurt is a very tasty frozen dessert that has many advantages as a healthy supplementary food that tastes amazing and provides health benefits too. It contains probiotics and way fewer calories than a regular dessert.

  • Hummus

Who knew a middle eastern dip would become such a favourite with everyone. Hummus is not just healthy food but also very pleasing to the tastebuds. It is a perfect combination of proteins that is chickpeas and healthy fats like olive oil. It is super tasty and full of nutrients. A superfood with super quality. Not only is it filling but also helps in reducing bad cholesterol. 

  • Dark Chocolate

Chocolates have been a favourite since time immemorial. There are very few people in the world who hate chocolates. They are supposed to release the happy hormone in our brains making us instantly happy. Dark chocolates are a tasty version that is absolutely healthy and are known to cure so many diseases. One gets to eat a healthy sweet and stay healthy too by consuming them. It contains important antioxidants and fibre that are absolutely favourable for the human body in the long run. 

  • Nuts

These are a perfect combination of fewer calories and healthy nutrients. Not only are almonds and pistachios filling but also are full of essential nutrients that are quite helpful for health in the long run. Loaded with micronutrients and fewer calories than most foods they are just perfect for snacking. They taste amazing and provide ample nutrients.

  • Eggs

Previously eggs were not considered healthy and were supposed to contain bad cholesterol. Thankfully, the previous findings were proved to be wrong and on the contrary, eggs have been found to contain fewer calories with perfect protein content. Add to that the fact that they can be prepared in so many different recipes and you have a winner.

Making healthy lifestyle choices is no easy job. It needs a strong mind and a stronger desire to follow the new routine. A healthy future is not good enough motivation, additional factors always are needed to make it work. Following a diet religiously will only become possible if one gets some choices with respect to the food. Monotony will kill the want to go ahead with the routine.