Bread flour is a high-strength, high-gluten flour that’s designed for making pizza doughs, crusty breads, pretzels, bagels and other chewy baked goods. Yeast breads made from bread flour tend to rise more since the higher protein produces additional structure.

What is Bread Flour?

Bread flour is a high protein flour with between 12 to 14% protein. It is used for baking yeasted loaves of bread. Bread flour is high in protein, meaning it has more gluten. This makes bread flour more elastic and lighter and gives a chewy and airy texture.

Bread flour is different from other flours because it requires significant kneading to form a gluten structure. This results in a light and chewy texture.

Bread Flour Uses

As the name implies, bread flour is used to make loaves of bread. This flour can also be used in many other recipes. Here are some uses for bread flour.

  • Sourdough bread
  • White Bread
  • Pretzels
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Bagels

What is Strong Flour?

Strong flour, also known as strong bread flour, is commonly used in the United Kingdom. There are no differences between bread flour and bread flour, strong bread flour, or hard flour.

Bread flour can sometimes be called strong flour, made from hard wheat varieties.

Difference between Bread and All-Purpose Flour

Bread flour and all-purpose flour differ in protein and their uses. Bread flour typically contains 12 to 14% protein, whereas all-purpose flours have an average of 8 or 11%. All-purpose flour has a lower protein content, so it isn’t capable of creating enough gluten to give bread dough the light, elastic texture you want.

All-purpose flour can also be used in many different baking recipes. Bread flour, however, is used only for baking bread.

Substitutes for Bread Flour

It isn’t easy to find bread flour substitutes, as most flours do not contain enough protein to create the necessary gluten chains and elastic texture for bread baking.

In a pinch, all-purpose flour can make bread with vital wheat gluten. You can make your bread dough perfect by adding vital wheat gluten to all-purpose flour.

When making bread, you should avoid using other flours, such as instant, cake, and pastry flour. You will have dense and tight-textured bread if you do not use the right type of flour for baking bread.

High-protein bread flour is an excellent addition to any bread-making supply arsenal, whether you are looking to make sourdough bread or fresh white bread. To ensure the right texture and consistency, you should use a bread flour substitute.