Head Cheese

Head cheese is not made of cheese, contrary to its name. It is made by removing all organs from the head of a cow or sheep. This dish originated in Europe and is best eaten at room temperature. Sometimes the ingredients include the feet or the heart.

Blood pudding

It is a regional blood sausage made from pork blood, beef suet, cereal or barley groats. This sausage is the oldest and most well-known form of sausage. It has been called a black pudding since ancient times. It can be baked, boiled, or fried in the skin. It was common to serve the black pudding with a full meal in north-western England.

Durian Fruit

This strange snack is probably something you’ve heard of. It is illegal to transport the durian on public transportation because of its horrible smell. It is described as rotten garbage or sewage. It contains four seeds, which are covered in thick and creamy flesh. It is sometimes called the King of Fruits in certain areas.

Silkworm LarvaeĀ 

Silkworm Larvae (also known as Beondegi) can be found in cans at South Korea’s supermarkets. The silkworm larvae taste and smell worse than their appearance. This street food is also available in convenience and grocery stores. It was popularized during the Korean War and is now a popular snack. It’s savoury and acidic with a crunchy outer shell.

Eskimo Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Some people love chocolate flavours, while others prefer Praline Pecan. Eskimo Ice cream is also known as Alaskan Ice Cream. It’s made with delicious ingredients. It’s made from dried fish, dried moose and dried berries.

Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s nest soup can be made from edible bird nests. The main ingredient in this soup is the nest of swiftlet birds native to Southeast Asia. Edible birds’ nests are a valuable animal product and have been used in Chinese cuisines for more than 300-400 years. Chinese cuisine is the most popular use for edible birds. The bird’s nest is usually white, but red versions are called blood nests.


Vegemite, a dark-brown Australian food developed in Victoria by Cyril Callister in 1922, is Vegemite. Mondelez International owned the brand until January 2017.

This spread is made with leftover brewers yeast extract and spice additives. It has a distinctive flavour and a tangy taste. Because of its strong flavour, Vegemite can only be used in small amounts. It’s a good source of vitamin B, folate, and riboflavin.


Goebel is a marine worm found on the mudflats of Korea’s southwest and southwest coasts. After a thorough rinse, Goebel can be eaten raw or sometimes alive in Korea. It can be dipped in a vinegary sauce. This bizarre food is very popular in South Korea. It resembles the male sexual organ.

Frog Sashimi

Frog Sashimi is one of the most bizarre foods you’ve ever seen. Frogs can live up to the time that the dish is prepared. The frogs are first boiled in water. After that, the remaining frog is cut into sashimi-like pieces and served on a frog. The frog is then skinned, gutted, and stabbed before placing a plate with a lemon slice.

Fruit Bat Soup

It’s a meat dish made from a fruit bat and coconut milk soup. The live bat is placed in a boiling pot of wings and fur. It is then served with coconut milk and vegetables. Fruit Bat soup can spread several diseases to people and is not recommended for consumption. Fruit Bat soup was also wrongly blamed in the Novel Coronavirus epidemic.


It’s a pudding made from sheep’s liver, heart, and lungs. The mixture is then seasoned with salt and spices. It is an oaty texture with a peppery taste. Although the dish is Scottish, many countries have created similar dishes under different names. You can either simmer the haggis in a pot or bake it in a casserole dish with some water. You can cook haggis in the microwave.


Percebes in Spain are boiled and served hot and under a napkin. Percebes are removed from their claws, and the flesh is then swallowed. You can enjoy the best with ocean aromas wafting through your air.