Who says you cannot dine delicious meals without having to boost extra calorie and fat? If you know how, you can have delicacies for dinner while still keeping your waistline in good shape. Here are some ideas on low-fat or low-cal menus for your fancy dinner.

1. Baked fish with lemon sauce

Fish are low in fat and high in protein; while lemon adds up flavor and high in vitamin C and flavonoid. Opt for baked fish instead of the fried ones for healthier meal. Served with steamed vegetable and low-fat sauce as well as baked in foil to keep its juice, this entrée is perfect for a weight loss program. Per 100 g of this menu might contain 382 kJ to 91 Cal.

2.  Pad Thai

This high-protein dish is one of the most popular meals in Thai restaurants. Although not low in fat, this menu is low in saturated fats. If you make it at home, you can add prawns or chicken breast into the recipe. For vegetarian-style Pad Thai, change the meats with tofu. Each 100 g of Pad Thai can contain 526 kJ to 125 Cal.

3. Spaghetti carbonara with chicken

If you make it at home, spaghetti carbonara can be a weight-loss meal. The secret to a low-cal spaghetti carbonara is by using low fat evaporated milk and chicken breast instead of fatty meats. This is indeed good news for pasta lovers. This dish may contain 671 kJ to 160 Cal per 100 gram serving.

4. Chicken fried rice

Fried rice is everyone’s favorite. Combined with white meat like chicken, this menu is a good source of protein but still low in saturated fats. The addition of exotic ingredients such as ginger, honey, garlic, oyster sauce, and chili into the dish will boost the good flavor. Each serving of chicken fried rice (100 g) contains 515 kJ to 123 Cal.

5. Grilled vegetable stack

This choice of menu is perfect for vegetarians. Besides healthy and delicious, this menu is also easy to make and very light. Along with fresh bread, you can grill any vegetables such as baby spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, or capsicum. Add balsamic vinegar for extra flavor. This low fat dish contains 480 kJ to 115 Cal.

6. Potato and leek soup

Potato and leek soup is a perfect entrée for a winter dinner. Leeks are particularly beneficial as they contain similar compounds found in garlic and onions. Serve the soup along with light sour cream, parsley, and bread. 100 g of potato and leek soup will contain 204 kJ to 48 Cal.