Easter Bunny is coming, eggs are being dyed, and kids are finishing Easter crafts. Plans for Easter meals and family gatherings will be made soon. It cannot be easy to plan holiday meals. There are many things to do, whether planning a virtual party or celebrating with your closest friends and family.

We are here to help you. Here are some delicious Easter recipes that show off your quarantine cooking skills. These 16 Easter recipes will delight the pickiest eaters, from Easter bread to themed appetizers to delicious Easter ham.

Easter Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

A great way to welcome spring is to plan an Easter brunch. After the Easter egg hunts, take a seat and enjoy these simple brunch bites.

Ham and Cheese English Muffin Cake

Although your guests may think you spent hours creating this delicious casserole, it is quite simple to make. This leaves you more time to enjoy Easter Sunday activities and less work in the kitchen.

Italian Easter Pie

This Italian Easter Pie is another great and simple recipe. It’s similar to a quiche. This Easter Brunch recipe will be enriched with savory Italian cheeses and meats.

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

This festive fruit pizza makes a wonderful snack for Easter morning. It’s made with sugar cookies, cream cheese, and fresh berries and can be personalized to highlight your favorite spring fruits.

Easter Appetizers

These Easter appetizers can be set up while the children are busy making Easter crafts. Or, you could have small bites such as these to nibble on between bites of Easter Ham.

Easter Bunny Snack Board

Since its inception, the Easter Bunny has been the symbol of Easter. This festive board will honor everyone’s favorite gift-bearing rabbit with its colorful design. You can spice it up by including your favorite snacks and vegetables!

Deviled Eggs

You can make the classic deviled egg recipe more festive by making it look like baby chicks. These deviled eggs can be used to make the most of any dyed eggs.

Sweet Italian Easter Bread

Many households make Easter bread every spring. This Easter bread recipe will help you put your bread-baking skills to the test. This bread is perfect for snacking on during your Easter holiday.

Easter Dinner Ideas

It can be hard to please everyone at Easter. These Easter meals will please everyone and keep your friends and family coming back for more.

Honey and Rye Easter Ham

Easter hams are often the star attraction at Easter dinners. This unique recipe uses honey and whiskey to make a delicious glaze.

Grilled Leg Of Lamb

This great Easter recipe features mint yogurt paired with a juicy lamb leg. This sensory experience is worth celebrating because the freshness of the mint combines well with the creamy yogurt and the lamb’s savory herbs.

Vegan Pot Pie

This vegan pot pie is a great option if you are looking for an easy recipe that can be used as a vegan Easter dish. This pie is easy to make, and even the most ardent meat-eaters will want to eat a piece.

Easter Side Dishes

After you’ve decided on your Easter menu, it is time to choose the right side dishes to go with the main course. These simple sides can highlight the best flavors of your Easter menu, from creamy potatoes to fresh vegetables.

Herb Roasted Carrots

These herb-roasted carrots make a delicious addition to any meal. You can swap the herbs in this recipe to complement your main course.

Green Bean Casserole

This timeless green bean casserole features crunchy onions and Campbell’s cream-of-mushroom soup. It’s a great side dish you can add to your Easter menu or bring to a family get-together.