Do you want to have a refreshing summer cocktail? Are you looking for refreshing cocktails this summer? A matching game with celebs and drink brands is also available!

3 Ready-Made Cocktails To Try

Premixed cocktails make summer fun easy, according to Andre Darlington. He is also the coauthor of Booze & Vinyl (volumes 1, 2, and 3). They’re a great way to enjoy mixed drinks outdoors, on camping trips, during hiking, or when it’s not possible to make a cocktail from scratch.

He warns that quality can vary widely. You can choose from ready-made cocktails made by trusted liquor brands or those created by mixologists. Also, make sure to read the label. Darlington says, “Ensure that everything on the label is exactly what you would put in your homemade beverage.” Here are three to try:

  • Crafthouse Cocktails was created by Charles Joly, a master mixologist (whose drinks are served to entertainment industry parties like the Oscars Governors Ball). The lineup includes Smoky Margaritas and Rum Old Fashioneds (from $24 for a four-pack,
  • Cazadores Tequila has been distilling the legendary Mexican spirit for over 100 years. They offer a trio of canned cocktails, including Palomas ($16 per four-pack,
  • Cutwater Spirits have an extensive lineup of canned mixed drinks, from Tiki Rum Mai Tais to Bloody Marys (from $3,

All You Need To Know About Alcohol-Free Spirits

Mixologists are looking for higher-quality, more flavorful options to replace zero-proof drinks. According to those who know, alcohol-free spirits (AF) are on the rise as they look for new ways to make them (please don’t call them mocktails). Derek Brown is the author of Mindful Mixology. Here are some tips:

  • There are two main types of AF spirits. Many AF spirits are designed to be used as substitutes for traditional spirits like gin, whiskey, or tequila. Seedlip’s line, which costs $32, offers unique distillations of fruit and botanicals. Brown says that both offer great potential.
  • Mixing spirits, which are most non-alcoholic spirits, is better than drinking straight up. They can be considered a base ingredient, mimicking their boozy counterparts’ aromas, flavours, and weight.
  • It would help if you tried it before you bought it. Brown recommends finding a bar that offers AF spirits and ordering your favourite cocktail with them. For example, a gin-and-tonic with Lyre’s Dry London Spirit ($36; or an Old-Fashioned with Spiritless Kentucky 74 (36,
  • You can make half-sizes. You can either go alcohol-free or mix traditional and zero-proof spirits to make low-alcohol cocktails.